Transform your star power into staying power.

Sustainable marketing + management for big names with small teams.

Dusti Arab, Marketing Strategist, CMO, reinvention co, host of the Referral Worthy Podcast

Dreaming of having top notch marketing strategy at your fingertips...

even though you know you’re not quite ready to have it full-time?

Consider me your Fractional CMO – that’s part-time Chief Marketing Officer for the uninitiated – ready to partner with you to create a marketing plan you’ll actually use.

Part consultant, part human razor blade, consider me your one woman army – because I’m here to save the day.

I work exclusively with the bold+brilliant. The ones who give a damn. The ones ready to set the world on fire – and do it without burning out.

My clients know they need more than someone pumping out boring social media posts on their team –

they need a champion.

That’s where I come in.

Whether you need a one day surge of momentum to map out a launch or an in-house marketing team built from scratch, I’m here to take you from spinning your wheels to spinning gold.

I have hired my fair share of biz coaches and strategists in my 30+ years of running my biz...

and most of them were a colossal waste of money.

My one-day session with her helped me immensely and was well worth the investment.

- Jen Louden

- Jen Louden

Ways We Can Work Together

Catching Fire VIP Days

You’re willing to do the work - you’re just not quite sure what to do. Co-create a 90-day marketing plan with me in this signature session.

Fractional CMO Services

Scaling your company? Hiring a marketing team? Partner with me to get ongoing strategic marketing help tailored to your company’s needs.

Speaking + Workshops

Whether it’s for an event, a mastermind, or an internal company training, my workshops will reinvigorate your marketing.