The Stop Doing List:

Consider this your permission slip to quit doing shit you hate.

(But like... responsibly.)

Whenever folks come to me to talk marketing, the first thing they tell me is about all the things they aren’t doing.

“I should be doing Instagram Reels.”

“I’m not emailing my list consistently.”

“I know everyone else is using AI tools, but I just can’t bring myself to learn it.”

While I’m grateful you’re self-aware, the truth is I’m more concerned about what you ARE doing.

Most of the time, small business owners are already trying to do way too much – and I’m not just talking about marketing tactics.

Besides, if your numbers aren’t where you want them, the answer is more marketing, right?

Who has time for that?

This powerful tool will help you clear the decks and prioritize what matters BEFORE you try to add any additional marketing activities to your plate.

It’s time to ditch MORE for better.

Get your copy of my Stop Doing List below.

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