I’ve been in the online space for a long time, and as a result, I’ve used a LOT of different kinds of software.

Everything you see on this list I either use or have in the past. If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to message me.

Recommended Software


The only domain and hosting provider you’ll ever need. I’ve been on DreamHost for 12+ years now, and I’m never leaving them. Use my link to save $50 on a year of hosting.


Full-featured scheduling software with simple workflows that easily integrates with everything else you see here. Black-owned business.


My email marketing provider, as well as who I use for a CRM. This is the software I’m asked about most often, and the reason I’ve stuck with them is because of their ability to scale with a company’s growth, as well as provide best-in-class automations, SMS marketing, and more.


The one course software to rule them all. From your course to your cart to your email marketing, Kajabi does it all and more. Use my link to start a free trial.


If you’re a consultant/coach that needs a simple and affordable all-in-one for scheduling, booking, and more, Paperbell is a great woman-owned option.


Simple social media scheduling software with a price tag to match. If you want to be able to drag and drop your IG and Pinterest images, you’ll love this WOC-owned company.


If you’ve been trying to figure out where and how to host your community that ISN’T Facebook, look no further. I’ve been so impressed with the platform, and it’s replaced several platforms for me.


Transcription software that integrates directly with Zoom to provide live captions and editable (and sharable!) transcripts.


This popular graphic design software is my favorite way to easily and quickly create social media graphics, presentations, and so much more.


Bench is a done-for-you accounting service with a tax prep and filing option. I’ve been overwhelmingly happy with the service, particularly getting access to a CPA with the tax service whenever I need it. The visibility it gives you across accounts with direct Paypal and Stripe integrations is incredible. Get a free month with my link.


When I transitioned to an S-corp, I knew I needed a way to pay myself a regular W-2 paycheck. Gusto provided that solution, as well as helped me out with tracking and issuing 1099s, maintaining HR and tax compliance, and more.

Google Workspace

There’s a reason everyone uses it. (And no, it is not your email (@), and yes, that makes you look unprofessional.) This is some of the lowest cost, most bang for my buck software I pay for.


Notion is my entire brain, from task management to project planning and more. It’s a lot to bite off as a platform, which is why I also recommend Ultimate Brain (linked below).


Loom takes screensharing to a whole new level. Record short videos with your face in the corner


This is user-friendly, cost effective contract signing and tracking software.


You lived through the pandemic – you know what Zoom is. I use it because it’s the most reliable and has the most features.


It’s the automation software that makes all of your tech talk to each other – without having to rely on your faves to have reliable integrations.


Voxer calls itself a walkie-talkie app, but think of it more as… the single fastest way to talk with folks on a timeline that works for you. (As in, no phone call needed.) The paid version gives you transcripts, too.

Online Tools + Templates + Courses I Recommend

Ultimate Brain

Want to start using Notion fast? This is the best possible hack you could ask for. Except it’s not a hack – it’s a template + system based on Second Brain. It’s honestly genius, wish I had it when I started with Notion.

Get Ultimate Brain for Notion

Free Desktop Organizer

I have ADHD, so I can do a really cool magic trick. It goes like this; if I can’t see something, it doesn’t exist. If your brain is similar, click here to get the free Canva desktop organizer wallpaper template I made to combat this phenomenon.

Get the free template here.

Stop Doing List

Overwhelmed by your list of marketing tasks?

Maybe you should stop doing so much shit you hate. Steal my free Stop Doing List exercise + get clarity on your most valuable next steps.

Get your copy of my Stop Doing List

Subscriptions and Services I Love


I’ve been getting my groceries delivered since 2017, and I regret nothing. Save yourself some time and sanity by outsourcing this task.

Get $20 off your first order here.

Kindle Unlimited

I wasn’t sold on getting an e-reader for a long time, and then I tried the Kindle Paperwhite – and BABY I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT! It came with a free trial subscription of Kindle Unlimited, and I’m thrilled to say that I haven’t read this much in years.

Start your free trial here.


You’ve probably taken an Uber, but if you haven’t opted in for UberOne, you’re missing out. The annual subscription gives you priority service, $0 delivery fees, and and more.

Learn more here.

Recommended Service Providers (Good Humans)


Mikli is my tech secret weapon. She built out my brilliant techbook and automations. You know, just everything keeping my business running NBD.

Autumn Witt Boyd

It’s hard to say exactly how much I adore and trust Autumn. As far as lawyers working in the online course space, there’s no one better. Even if you’re not ready for her full service work, she’s got you covered with ironclad legal templates.

Explore her legal templates here.

Emily McDonald

A financial advisor who charges a flat fee that actually supports you and helping you achieve your goals? Yeah, Emily does that. She guided me through the creation of my 401k this year, and I feel like a real grownup now.